you can use a beard trimmer to cut hair

In today’s time, most people are confused between beard and hair trimmer. That’s why in this article we are going to answer this question can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair. So, let’s put a deep dive into this.

if you are in a hurry then my answer is beard trimmers shouldn’t be used to cut your hairs. Because we have a bunch of large hairs in our head and beard trimmers are usually designed to cut smaller hairs.

Can you use a grooming kit to cut hair?

if you use an All-in-one groomer like Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 then you can perform all the grooming actions like beard trimming, hair trimming, nose/ear trimming, and ball trimming too.

But, it is not impossible if you use the following tactics to cut your hair with a beard trimmer.

Be patient I’ll discuss the things to follow while cutting your hair with a beard trimmer after a moment. Before it let’s see What is the difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers?.

What is the difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers?

There a lot of difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers. The most common difference is the difference in power and design.

Beard trimmer Hair Clipper
Beard trimmers have limited power to cut short hairs of the beard. Hair clippers have powerful Motor.
Beard trimmers are mostly cordless. Hair clippers are mostly corded.
Beard trimmers have wide blades. Hair clippers have narrow blades.
Teeth are more swallow. Teeth are deeper.
Remove large and thick chunks of hair. detailing and edging.
Intended for larger areas Intended for smaller areas.
difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers

How do you cut your hair with a beard trimmer?
How do you cut your hair with a beard trimmer?

The first step is to gradually cut your hairs if you want to avoid ear cuts and head injuries, now let us see some most important techniques to cut your hairs with a beard trimmer in the comfort of your bathroom.

Before going to cut your hairs

I’ve discussed above that beard trimmers are not able to cut thick hairs. So to overcome this problem, wash your hairs with hair shampoo and hair conditioner to make them smooth for further chatting.

It is excellent if you have a cordless beard trimmer because a corded beard trimmer does not perform precisely on hairs on your head and pubic area. Don’t worry if you don’t have a cordless trimmer. We are still in the position to cut your hair. Because we’ve already smoother them in the first step.

Take at least a pair of mirrors and a towel before starting the mission and it is extremely good if your partner can help you in this mission.

Find a comfortable place

Before going to cut your hairs find a place where you’ve required stuff such as water, a towel, at least two mirrors, and a chair. So, the bathroom is going to be the most convenient place.

Start cutting your hairs
How do you cut your hair with a beard trimmer?

Now you are all set, pick up your favorite hairstyle and start cutting from the right side. Always choose a small guard to start trimming on the area near your ears. Then gradually trim till the top and through the back. Do the same thing on the opposite side.

If you are not getting fine precision then your partner to trim your hair and you can suggest to him the changes you want. I’m sure with your control and coordination you’ll be able to get the expected results.

Use combs & scissors

If you want an even trim then you’ve to use a comb with closed stripes and a scissor with you. These scissors are fully metallic and only made for hair cutting so, if you have this kind of scissors then you may proceed with it.

Final touch

When you’ve completed hair cutting just refine your hairs to check they are even with your fingers or comb. Style your edges with a razor. But don’t use a razor on your if you don’t have experience in shaving. Don’t be adventurous at the last moment.

Final thought

One more thing does not cut hair when they are were especially when you are using a corded trimmer. These trimmers are directly connected to the main supply. You may feel some electric shocks. Be aware of it.

I know you are using your beard trimmer for hair cutting in a problem or you are on a trip. So, don’t worry it hadn’t get the expected results. No one can be a barber after reading an article of thousands words.

I hope this article has created a change in your life as a one-day barber.

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