the thing to know Can I use hair conditioner on my beard?

Yes, you can use hair conditioner on your beard because hair conditioner provides oils to the hairs and nourish them. Hair conditioner can make your beard softer and smoother.

But you have to opt for a perfect hair conditioner that’ll not make your beard greasy.

Here is a step by step guide to choose a perfect hair conditioner for your hairs and beard.

Just have a look at the difference between a beard conditioner and a hair conditioner.

Beard conditioners Hair conditioners
Best for sensitive skin Best for head hard skull
Proteins and fatty acids for beard growth Nutrients for hair growth
For hair on head For beard and face
Difference between a beard conditioner and a hair conditioner.

If you are not aware of what to look for when buying a beard conditioner then read our comprehensive buying guide.

Let’s walk through the list of the 5 best hair conditioners for beard and hair.


This is one of the best beards conditioners in the market and used by around 80 thousand people.

Olaplex hair conditions should be a part of your bathroom because of it’s healing properties.

It repairs the broken bonds of hairs due to the effects of hair colours you change.

This hair conditioner heals the hairs damaged from UV rays and day today friction of combs and towels.

Ingredients like Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that stimulate beard growth and repair damaged hairs.

Pantene Argan Oil Conditioner

This conditioner leaves your hair hydrated for the whole day. The avocado oil nourishes and protects hairs from dryness.

This also acts as a frizz fighter with the power of argan and avocado oil.

Like other conditioners, it’s also has a sweet fragrance a softer and smoother creamy nature.

Redken Extreme Conditioner

Redken Extreme conditioner is thicker comes in an appealing dark blue bottle of the molecule design.

Redken Extreme conditioner is a thicker white cream. This conditioner makes your hair conditioner super smoother and stringer.

This is gonna be a perfect cure for curly thick and coarse hairs.

This hair conditioner contains around 30 natural ingredients.

The shampoo and conditioner both have an identical design you can have confusion in applying them.

This hair conditioner can also be used to condition the beard. And after few days you’ll see a shiner smoother and healthier beard

The bottle lasts for 12 months.

Redken Extreme conditioner is also a perfect cure for hair loss and dandruff.

It moisturizes and provides nutrients to your beard scalp ( skin under your beard ).

In conclusion, this conditioner worth its price and can help to grow hair.

If they manufacture beard conditioner I should have this in my beard care toolkit.

OGX conditioner

This beard conditioner is created by taking care of people suffering from hair loss and other hair diseases.

This is gonna be a perfect remedy for your dry and damaged follicles.

My friend also suggested I use this hair conditioner while we have this patchy beard, I haven’t experimented with this yet but the ingredients indicate that it’ll be beneficial for a patchy beard too.

Also, he added this conditioner to cure split ends of hairs.

This beard conditioner is enriched with coconut oil, vanilla bean oil and the essence of Tiarre.


Can I use regular shampoo and conditioner on my beard?

Yes, you can use a regular hair conditioner in your beard. because hair conditioner provides oils to the hairs and nourish them.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

If your body can able to give all the necessary nutrients to your beard then you can use water only.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

The best practice is to apply a beard conditioner and give a deep massage with your hands. And leave your beard for 10-20 minutes, So, that your hair can absorb all nutrients.

Does hot water help beard growth?

No, extra hot water can kill your newborn hair follicles and lead to a patchy beard.


There are different types of beard conditioners available in the market. But you have to opt for those that can hydrate your dry skin with a bulk of nutrients that lead to heavy beard growth.

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