how to use beard trimmer guards

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I think you are a fresher in the field of beard trimming and confuse about these trimmer guards. That’s why we are writing about how to use beard trimmer guards or Beard trimmer attachments explanation.

Beard trimmer attachments explained

Let’s start with the most appropriate functions of the trimmer guards. These pieces of plastic are of utmost importance during trimming.

The function of Trimmer guards for lengths

These trimmer guards of different lengths allow you to trim your beard in the length you want. And, one more thing a trimmer guard makes the trimming stable you don’t need to put extra effort to trim precisely.

how to use beard trimmer guards

In this part, I’ll discuss all the scenarios in which you can use a trimmer guard and also guide you with some of my tactics to satisfying results in the comfort of your bathroom.

Beard trimming

It is extremely important to use a trimmer guard during beard trimming because without a trimmer guard you can’t get the accurate length and precision.

If you want a short beard then use a 1-3 number trimmer guard. On the other hand, if you want a bushy and long beard you may use a length of more than 4.


If you want to cut your hairs then these trimmer guards can also help you to get satisfying results. Start cutting your hairs from the right side using a trimmer guard of the length of 1-2. Gradually cut the hairs till the top and then on the back of the head. Perform the same process on the opposite side of the head.

Beard trimmer length guide

I know you are a newbie in trimming and don’t know which trimmer guard number is perfect for the length you want. That’s why I’m adding this chart for your comfort.

GuardLength in mm
Beard guards (4)3mm,5mm,6mm, and 7mm
Hair guards4mm,9mm,12mm and 16mm
Body guards3 and 5mm
fading guards4mm-9mm
Stubble guards1mm,2mm
Length of guards

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Pubic hair cutting

Everyone wants small pubic hairs to have more fun at the time of mating. But you know these hairs help to reduce friction during s😎e😧x. But In today’s time, everyone wants a clean and fresh genital area ( Don’t know for what reason 🤪🤪 ). So, you should use 1 number trimmer guard during cutting your pubic hairs.

Bikini trimming

It is strongly prohibited to trim your bikini line with a normal trimmer so, use a separate bikini trimmer for this purpose, Don’t use the beard trimmer of your spouse, This is our recommended bikini trimmer for you.

Ladies 3-Blade “Close Curves” Wet/Dry Shaver


Wash your area genital area before going to trim it and dry it with a cloth. And start a gradual trim from the upper side of your pubic region. Use a comb and trim the hairs in the opposite direction of growth, only cut the hairs which are over the comb. Use scissors to cut the hair present in deep of the vagina. But use a scissor whose edges are not blunt. This can lead to cuts in the vagina.

Can bikini trimmer be used for pubic hair?

Men’s genital area is not so sensitive, so you can use a bikini trimmer for trimming your pubic hairs but do it carefully over your scrotum. But if you are using the trimmer of your partner then clean it with a disinfectant to avoid serious infections.

Final thought

I hope you are ready to start your first trim. In the last, I want to give you some advice. If you are going to trim your beard then perform this action in the bathroom where you’ve mirrors attached to the wall. And if you are going to trim your hairs then use a towel and try to take help from your beloved to get satisfying results.

And if you are going to trim your pubic hairs then strictly follow the above-mentioned guide. I’m sure you’ll be very happy after trimming.

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