Can I use a beard trimmer to shave my head [ Step by step guide 2021 ]

Last updated on June 7th, 2021 at 01:06 am

In today’s time, no one wants to buy separate trimmers for all grooming needs. That’s why people usually ask can I use a beard trimmer to shave my head.

Yes, you can use it to shave your head. But if you are trying it first-time then follow the below mentioned tactics to get satisfying results.

I’ve read the comment of a person regarding this question on Reddit. He was trimming his hair with a beard trimmer for almost 10 years and also use the same beard trimmer to trim his beard.

But the thing is he is doing this for 10 years and have a great level of experience in this skill.

We had talked to that person and extract all his knowledge and breakdown it for you in this article so, let’s get started with the very initial step to keep in mind while shaving the head with an ordinary beard trimmer.

why I’m saying ordinary because most of the beard trimmer in today’s time have a tool kit to cut the hairs of the whole body and they are called Multi groomers Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000, 13 attachment trimmer is the best multi groomer in today’s time.

I’ve read a bunch of articles on this topic and seen people are pulling you to buy a new trimmer. But they don’t if you want to buy a new trimmer then why you search for Can I use a beard trimmer to shave my head. So, be patient. I’ll help you cut your hair with your beard trimmer doesn’t matter what specialties it has.

Let’s answer first some of your frequently asked questions regarding Can I use a beard trimmer to shave my head.

Can Philips trimmer be used for hair cutting

Yes, most of the Phillips trimmers are multi groomer and they can be used for cutting hairs. If you have an ordinary Philips trimmer then go for this guide Can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair?.

Can trimmer be used for hair cutting

Yes, trimmers can be used for hair cutting if they are powerful because the hairs of the head are long and thick and need more power than beard hairs. If you are going to cut your hair the first time then go for this guide Can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair?.

Shave long hair with beard trimmer

Yes, you can shave your long hairs with a beard trimmer but ensure that it is not specifically built for stubble only like ConairMAN i-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer.

What is the difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers?

There a lot of difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers. The most common difference is the difference in power and design.

Beard trimmerHair Clipper
Beard trimmers have limited power to cut short hairs of the beard.Hair clippers have powerful Motor.
Beard trimmers are mostly cordless.Hair clippers are mostly corded.
Beard trimmers have wide blades.Hair clippers have narrow blades.
Teeth are more swallow.Teeth are deeper.
Remove large and thick chunks of hair.detailing and edging.
Intended for larger areasIntended for smaller areas.
difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers

Required stuff

The first thing you need is to bring your beard trimmer and 2 mirrors on your walls and an excellent source of light. And, have a source of water. I’m recommending you to stand in the bathroom.

Make your hairs soft

Beard trimmers are designed to cut short and soft hairs of the face. But we know that the hairs of our head are a little bit harder than our facial hairs. That’s why they need a powerful hair clipper but we don’t have this now so we can overcome this problem by softening our hairs.

Wash your hairs with shampoo or a conditioner before starting to shave them with a beard trimmer.

Start shaving

Now, this is the time to start shaving your hair so follow this guide carefully if you don’t want a dent on your head. If you are living with your partner then ask him to help you because your hair will not grow in a night if you made any mistake.

Where to start ( Very Important )

Start shaving your hair from the lower part of your head. Especially near the ear area. because if you made any mistake here it can be improved in most of the cases. 

If you see everything is okay your trimmer is working perfectly then gradually shave till to the back of the head. Vice versa for the other side of the head. When you’ve done with the first step then make a curve trim on the hairs over the head. In this way, you’ll be able to shave your head successfully.

Does your beard trimmer pulling your hairs

Most people experience this problem while having their hairs with a beard trimmer this is due to the following factors.

Low-quality trimmer: If your trimmer is of poor quality then it has not sufficient power to cut thick and coarse hairs of the hair. In this case, strongly recommend washing your hair with shampoo or conditioner.

Your technique: Always shave your hairs from the opposite side of the growth. And shave your hair in short cycles.

Foil or rotary shaver: The skin of our head is tough and it requires a rotary trimmer. Because these trimmers have three powerful blades and they perfect for hard skin.

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Final thought

Okay, still confused about what to do with your hair and waiting for my professional advice. Okay in this segment I’m gonna break down should you shave your hair with a beard trimmer. No, you shouldn’t perform this action because shaving your hair is not like shaving a sheep. In an article on I read that they are strongly prohibiting the use of beard trimmer for head hairs.

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