good women’s electric razors to know for coarse hair

One of the worst experiences is to have shaving of coarse hairs of bikini area with a razor which pulls hairs give Nick’s and cuts. 

Today I’m gonna break down the list of the 10 best women’s electric razors for coarse hair. 

Before going into it let’s see what are the features and requirements for the best electric razor for coarse hair. 

Buying guide of electric razor for women’s 

There are few things you need to know before buying an electric razor. We have written a comprehensive buying guide for an electric razor for women.

It is well and good if you go through the buying guide either we have taken all the perfect razors for coarse hair.

Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Shaver

This is gonna be an all-in-one groomer for your legs, bikini area and Underarms. This product comes with the following accessories.

Electric shaver
Adjustable trimmer head 
Ac adapter 
Foil protective cap
A cleaning brush
A user manual


This electric shaver is powered by ultra-sharp wide blades for fast trimming.

The high-quality hypoallergenic blades ensure irritation-free shaving.

The blades are also attached with a thin foil for the highest closeness and comfort.

The unique head of the blade can reach the most difficult parts of the body.


The unique design of the razor makes it different from its competitor. There is a pop-up trimmer available that can be used for hairs of different lengths and areas.

The stability of this razor allows you to trim the contour and bikini lines effectively. 

The shaver is fully waterproof and can be used in the shower too. 

Don’t worry about the battery time Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Shaver is powered by a lithium-ion battery

You can perform 30 minutes of continuous shaving after a single charge. 

The Bikini attachment

The genital region of women’s is very sensitive and it needs something more than just a shaver with blades. That’s why we have a bikini attachment with this product to reduce the chances of slip and have a perfect shave. 


Cleaning is very necessary to avoid fungal and bacterial infections. 

You need to use liquid soap to clean it after every use.

Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Wet & Dry Rechargeable

This is another powerful groomer from panasonic.

This shaver is enjeenered with 3 sharp and hypoallergenic independently floating blades that provide a clean and healthy shave without Nick’s and cuts.

On the other hand you also get a pop up trimmer to cut the hairs of uneven areas like underarm and bikini.

This popup trimmer also used to cut long hairs.

The battery life is quite bit low. You can juice out 20-30 minutes of powerful runtime after a complete charge of 12 hours.


This epilator is quite a bit more expensive than other shavers we review yet.

This epilator comes with the following accessories:

Corded Charger
Storage pouch
Attachment for bikini area
Attachment for face hairs
Attachment to maintain the size of hairs
Attachment to aline hairs
Led light on the head to see what you shave
A tiny brush to clean hairs
Close grip tweezers


The epilator has a gorgeous design. On the head of this epilator, you get a LED light to observe what you are trimming.

Braun comes with super-intelligent technology that ensures the magnitude of pressure required for a smooth shave. There is a smart red light indicator available in this epilator which glows when you apply more pressure.

The epilator cut hairs 5-times effectively as compared to veet

The trimmer comes with a lithium-ion battery which gives an output of 40 after a charge of one hour only.

Pivoting heads make shaving smoother in very difficult areas like the knee and underarms.

Best Women’s electric razor for coarse facial hair

After reviewing more than 100 women razors we found that BRAUN SILK-ÉPIL 7 7-880 HAIR REMOVAL WET & DRY CORDLESS EPILATOR is the Best Women’s electric razor for coarse facial hair and bikini area.

Remington WSF4810US Smooth & Silky On the Go Shaver

This shaver is manufactured for travellers. Its ergonomic design helps to get a shave anywhere and anytime.

The outer look of this shaver is just like a capsule with pink and white skin.

In its small size, Remington wsf4810us has normal shaving heads like other shavers.

The shaver has circular tiny spots with blades on its front to cut the hairs of the skin precisely.

Remington Wsf4810us can be used wet and dry. You can use this shaver in the shower too with shaving foam and gels.

The shaver provides 50 minutes of runtime after a single charge.

Panasonic ES2291D Washable Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver (Battery Operated)

In recent years Panasonic has been proven to be a boone for womens.

This battery-operated shaver comes with a lot of attachments that make your body shaving a creamy walk.

To make your bikini shaving comfortable Panasonic providing a bikini attachment and a comb too.

This shaver is engineered with hypoallergenic blades along with stainless steel foils.

The head of this shaver adjusts itself on contours of the body to have a party look of the body without nicks and cuts.

The built quality is amazing and it is made up of anti-slip rubber to avoid slip when you are using it in the shower.

It is 100% waterproof and can be used on wet/dry skin. You can also use a shaving gel/foam with it.

AUCEE Electric Razor for Women

This electric razor is is competing big brands due to it’s amazing features like Led Display , 600 MAH lithium ion battery.

AUCEE woman’s electric razor
USB charging cable
Cleaning brush
Protective head cover
User manual

The shaver is powered by three precision blades. These hypoallergenic blades can cut the body hairs from roots and makes you ready for the beach.

The 600Mah battery provides a runtime of 70 minutes after a complete charging of 2 hours.

In the smart LED display you can see the percentage of battery and control travel lock.

It also has a facial cleansing brush and a facial massager.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor

This is an all-in-one disposal shaver for you. There is a razor on one end and a trimmer for long hairs on the other.
Sarah have a video on this razor for you

Schick gives irritation-free shaving without nicks and cuts. The razor comes with 5 hypoallergenic tiny blades to have a perfect shave anytime.

Shaver’s head can rotate to shave most hard parts and contours of the body. There are dots on either side of the blade to give a super smoother and irritation-free shave.

Let’s talk about the trimmer….

The trimmer can be used to cut thick and coarse hairs of the body with the help of a comb.

Well, I trim the hair of my boyfriend with the trimmer. He doesn’t feel irritation after shaving.

This is going to be a perfect choice for thick and coarse hairs with sensitive skin.

Gillette Venus Snap with Extra Smooth

This razor comes in a pink capsule-like case. People like to have it on trips and it is a perfect solution for travellers. You can pack this small capsule in your bag easily.

The handle is small in size and has cushions on both sides for grip. You can attach the handle with the breeze easily.

You also get 3 venue breeze refills with this razor.

Breeze has a soapy cushion on both sides for smoothness without shaving cream.

best women’s electric razors for coarse hair

The shaving is simple you can perform it in some simple steps. First, hydrate your skin then apply a razor and have a party look.

best women’s electric razors for coarse hair


We have gone through a lot of razors yet, And we found that razors from Panasonic work like a charm for women, but they are expensive too.

Our advice is to go for Panasonic shavers if you want to get rid of the day to day shaving problems.

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